Writer's Block: Jumped the shark
Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?
Gossip Girl, for sure. It can't get any more pathetic. 

We Know This Story
A/N: I don't know what this is. 
He doesn't know what he's doing here. It's a high school goddamn. And he isn't Stefan.

He looks around. He's surrounded by students; tall, dorky, beautiful - and Damon painfully realized - all too unreal and plastic. He's wondering does that even make any sense when his eyes catch a lanky blonde's anguished brown ones.

It's like he's looking at a different him. There's that tall kid staring at a bubbly blonde girl - sitting on her boyfriend's(?) lap, laughing over something he said - indifferent to a pair of eyes trained on her. A flick of her hair and a warm smile later, Damon Salvatore knows this story.

He looks back at the tall kid. Wants to give him a slight pat on his back, strangely. Shakes his head. Looks around. But he goes back to looking back at the scene of not-so-domestic happiness in front of him. The girl, Veronica - his boyfriend calls her - is now getting up when she catches him looking at her. Damon smiles. Cocks his head. She frowns in his direction, not sure why a leather-clad stranger is smiling at her. She glances back at her boyfriend, ready to comment when from the corner of her eyes she registers a flash of movement.
He's gone. 
It's been two days since he has returned to Mystic Falls yet he's uneasy. Lounging on his armchair, liquor doesn't help him lose the longing. For what? Ele... 
He clamps down the thought almost furiously. Gets back on his feet. Starts pacing around. Gulps down more wine than he should. Chokes. Sighs. Feels weird. He should have brought the blonde kid along with him. It would have done him good,
After all, human girls are always trouble.
Back in Neptune, Logan Echolls murmurs the same as he falls asleep.

Carve Out a Black Heart
 Damon Salvatore has hijacked my brain and doesn't seem to be getting out anytime soon. So I decided to give this a try - don't know if it's even a fic. I'm not sure how I feel about it - reads raw. But that's what Damon feels like in my head right now and so here it is.


For all his world-weariness there are things he doesn’t know – that elude him still. And if Damon Salvatore was honest with himself, he would say, that’s how he prefers it.

Sometimes the allusion of a feeling is what holds him together, at best. In this case it’s happiness.

Misery is easy. He should know. He’s had more than a century to practice and perfect it.

Happiness you have to work at. Perhaps this is why whenever there’s a chance of him getting someplace in a relationship, Damon Salvatore manages to somehow fuck it all up. And with such beauty.

If ever in life he had to make a collage of his emotions, Damon would gather the entirety of his existence and carefully dump them on a plain canvas, hoping these emotions would rearrange themselves. He wants them to rearrange on their own because he knows he’ll always take a pick at the darker ones. Pain. Jealousy. Sadness. Hopelessness. Betrayal. Guilt.

That’s the worst of all: guilt.

He wants to scrap it out. Erase it from his dictionary, but apparently a century of vampirism doesn’t disallow him from becoming putty at the hands of an emotion so human he would have drained it of life were it in his hands. But guilt is powerful than he is. So all he does is let it consume him. 

He wonders if Elena is ever miserable. Does being with Stefan rid her of her misery, or is she as prone to misery as he is?She's human after all. She must understand what misery is like. And yet she never nods at him. All he wants is a flicker of recognition from her. A hint. I understand. I know what it is like

But these days he's only treated to her indifferent stares. Only some days though. She doesn't look his way now. Damon misses that. 

Sometimes, he thinks he enjoys his misery. He wouldn’t be surprised if they scientifically proved it for everyone to see. Maybe he can carve a black heart out of this friend of his and wear it on his sleeve. The blind ones won’t see (the raven of his clothes would make sure of that).

He’s filled with peace, suddenly, at this prospect. He can wear a black heart and carry it around for all to (not) see. His little secret.

It would just be him - Damon. And his miserable black heart.

Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle
Vampires or werewolves?
Vampires, definitely.

UEFA Final '08

It’s the UEFA cup final between EPL’s two most deadly teams: Manchester United and Chelsea. I had been waiting for the ‘clash of the titans’ for over two weeks and wow what a match it was. Blood, cussing, wrong tackles, almost-slaps, spitting; what’s not to like? Umm yeah except for the horrendous kits sported by goal keepers of both teams that is. And that awful Scholes injury as well. He had me almost crying there.

I’d like to mention the following people... Well just because they were a greater source of amusement/ anger than others

Our very own drama queen: Ronaldo. Nah, seriously last night was like watching a sulky kid on the playfield who couldn’t have his way. Ronaldo is always a source of amusement no matter what. He’ll tackle beautifully one minute, act worthy of an Oscar the other (World Cup anyone?). But of course that does not steal the ingenuity of his header in the 26th minute. Just go with the  flow. Classic

I think I’m finally coming around to accepting Ferdinand as the captain. It wasn’t easy but it’s done and well nothing that I can do about it. His largeness had quite much to say last night, but he was pretty much in the game most of the time unlike Terry, who only made any impression towards the last moments. Pressure much?

Its 3:30 into the ET and rain starts pouring in the gorgeous Luzhniki Stadium. Lampard misses a shot and I’m forced to wonder, is it not a sign? Perhaps just a tiny bit of raindrop in the eye...

But aha the highlight of the night comes not from the winning team but the runners up, even though Man U had quite a lot to say in it. THE FIGHT. So okay it wasn’t like a whole fist fight, just maybe a mild slap on the face, finger pointing and the usual cursing. Drogba gets a Red! Ahh the irony haha! Professional suicide dude.  Tevez is left off with a Yellow and so is Ballack. But the funniest thing was Abramovich’s expression: priceless. He must have been counting all the benefits of sitting on home ground but really?

I have to say, no matter how talented Drogba is I just can’t come around to ever liking him. And with the whole high school lingo... (Shut Up, Frak Off, Whatever?? =S) not really a fan winner there. But then apart from Lampard and Ballack he was the only guy making an effort to actually get into the attack mode. However, that missed shot was just that missed.. by what 1200 miles? Seriously, you practise?

And Joe Cole, I don’t know who told you you’re cute but your antics on the field yesterday were just not at all funny. I think the barber might have shaved off a part of your brain along with your hair the last time you paid him a visit.

Lampard had earlier managed to tie the game, hence leading to ET twice. Of course no one bothered with scoring any goal, however they were busy otherwise: faking injuries, water breaks and the almost bum-fights. By the end of it all I was beginning to feel sorry for the stewards, poor kids had to drag in a stretcher every time a player tripped or fell. What the hell, are you two years old?

And then the penalty shots. The joy and the fear. Best way to have a heart failure. I hated the WC match between England and Portugal for the same reason. Have some mercy guys. It’s brutal.

Man U got on Tevez, Carrick, Ronaldo, Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson and Giggs for the penalty shots. Chelsea had Ballack, no idea, Lampard, Cole, Terry, Kalolou, and Anelka. You’d think watching penalties going down wasn’t enough drama; Ronaldo had to go and miss his. Strangely predictable actually. That No. 7 jersey carries with it a subtle curse as well. So now that Man U was at disadvantage Chelsea fans couldn’t be happy enough. However, on comes Terry at number five. The rain’s pouring down, the field is soaking wet and if you follow enough soccer, you would know it’s a match made in heaven for the opposing team. Viola, Terry misses his turn as he slips and is that joy I see on our beloved boy’s faces. Yes siree.

Now that the penalties are tied again with Anderson and Kalolou successfully taking their shots, it all comes down to the Butterfly Man, Anelka. Van Der Sar, God I feel like hugging him crazy, that man used reverse psychology out there on the field, believe me you. And how it worked! Anelka takes his turn, misses and feefaaaaaa... (Sorry it’s just that I love that UEFA soundtrack)

So Man U wins against Chelsea on penalty shots 6-5 and I’m all happy. Thank God it didn’t turn out like those Safin matches.

I might be crazy; I might be insanely into this game. After all it’s just a game right? But what a game.


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